Meyhanes – Turkish style tapas restaurants

While you are in Istanbul, you should definitely try a Meyhane… We go there for dinner, eat a lot of mezes (small dishes), drink raki (alcoholic Turkish drink with anice) and enjoy the time… Beyoglu is full of them and here are some tips:

The hard to get a reservation but well worth it is MUNFERIT (in Galatasaray Yeni carsi caddesi), the owner describes it as a modern meyhane, it’s already a star… It is not a typical meyhane, very cool crowd, delicious food and good music…

CUMHURIYET MEYHANESI: a very old meyhane, in Sahne sokak 27 Balikpazari (inside the fish market in Beyoglu)

REFIK in Asmalimescit, Sofyali sokak 10 Beyoglu, this is also a traditional one…

SOFYALI 9 in Asmalimescit, Sofyali sokak 9 Beyoglu

YAKUP in Asmalimescit cad 35

BONCUK in Balik pazari Nevizade sokak 19

Safi in Sishane is a nice restaurant/meyhane. I like the food there, it ia white and blue cute methane.

Nevizade is a street full of meyhanes, just take a stroll and you’ll be amazed how lively it is…

Cicek Pasaji (The so called Flower Market) is definitely where you should see, and you can try Sev Ic, Huzur, Ceneviz restaurants…

Also you can try traditional wine bars;

Pano in Kalyoncu Kulluk Cadde 4, Galatasaray

Viktor Levi in Galatasaray

~ by ceylaninsel on January 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Meyhanes – Turkish style tapas restaurants”

  1. Hi there! Saw this site recoomendation on Lonely Planet by hobbittr and found it very nice! I’ll be in Istanbul on NYE this year and I’m looking for a good meyhane to go! Is there one you recommend more for this time of year? Cheers!

    • Hello,
      Thank you very much :)
      There is a restaurant called “Münferit” in Beyoglu area, it ia a modern meyhane (can be a bit expensive), I like the Turkish tapas there and also they have a nice bar where you can hang out.
      Address: Yeni Carsi Cad. No:19, Galatasaray/ Beyoglu But you have to reserve before!
      Also you can walk around in Beyoglu in Nevizade street where it is full of meyhanes (Yakup and Refik are famous).
      ENjoy Istanbul!
      and have a merry christmas and new year!

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